Mr.Bansh Rathod from Mumbai is a B.A. qualified Digital Marketing professional. Mr.Bansh Rathod helping youth to earn their livelihood, he is associated to various organizations that has been supporting every kind of social activity all over India. From past several years, Mr.Bansh Rathod was exploring the new and innovative way to create ne employment opportunity in India. He had long wanted to work on such a Social Medi Promoter, through. A system of Employment.

Mr.Bansh Rathod has a lot of experience working as a trainer and team leader since last 5 years in MLM, B2B, and DS Industry. The coincidence of these same experiences gave birth to a wonderful scheme of the country, whose name is... CLUB4MONEY. CLUB4MONEY aims to show a new direction by training all those people of network marketing,

About Invite & Earn

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Payment Accepted